About Our Staff

Dorothy Stone

Chief Energy Oligarch

In the 1970's, while a stewardess for TWA, Dorothy saw the way her Saudi passengers were free-wheeling their oil money and kept saying “someone should do something -- that is OUR money they are spending”. While still flying, Dorothy fell in love with design and houses and went on to build 26 houses or large additions in Northern NJ. Now as a founder of Home Energy Matters, Dorothy is convinced we can change the way American uses our oil, gas, and all other energy sources - one house at a time. "And we can do it in my lifetime," she is quick to say. Dorothy provides the construction background and troubleshooting for HEM and still hates to be behind a desk. 

Gordon Stone 


Gordon loves learning and throughout his career mastered a variety of roles from food service in college to management consultant to CIO to financial advisor.  He loves traveling and trading I-have-been-there-and-you-have-not jibes with his ex-stewardess wife. He became intrigued with energy efficiency after attending a Resnet green building conference with Dorothy and learning that there was a new and evolving industry to get involved with. Gordon's love of learning new skills and experience in building businesses was the perfect blend to Dorothy's construction talents and desire to change the way America uses energy. Home Energy Matters was born.       


Axel Dougan

Senior Energy Auditor/Quality Control

Axel has a lifelong interest in the environment and energy conservation. He has also renovated a number of houses both here in the north-east and his home country of Australia.After a career in the IT industry Axel decided to turn his interest and experience into practice.  He qualified as a residential energy auditor and joined Home Energy Matters. Axel has never met a house, or a family making that house a home, that he did not find interesting.  He combines an analytic approach with practical experience and, sometimes, a bit of down-under, irreverent humor.


Beth Armstrong


Beth never lived in a house that wasn’t under some form of construction. She grew up with a do-it-yourself dad and a mom who was consistently having him move walls and plumbing around. Beth gets power tools for Christmas and spends her weekends strolling the aisles of hardware stores. 



Melissa McCarthy

Approvals Manager

After taking time off to be home with her children, Melissa had decided it was time to get back to working outside the home. She comes to us with experience in small business management and when not in the office she enjoys taking action photography shots at her son and daughter's sporting events.















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