Getting Rid of the Goldilocks Factor

You can get rid of the Goldilocks factor, where some rooms are too cold, some too hot, and only a few are just right.

Goldilocks might have made her home feel comfortable in many ways – she could choose warm, soft colors which will help her feel serene.  Overstuffed furniture and a place to put her feet up contribute to her comfort. Natural materials like wood, granite, cotton or linen feel good to the touch. Music is, for many people, essential to create feelings of comfort.

But just like the porridge in the story with the Three Bears, the temperature and humidity in the house will greatly influence her comfort or lack of it. 

If Goldilocks had the benefit of a home energy audit and energy efficiency project she could have fixed the insulation problems that were causing her bedroom to hold less heat than the living room, and the leaks from her furnace ducts that were wasting heat in her attic.   

The drafts that brought cold air into her house could be sealed up and she could keep the temperature constant in all the rooms in the house with a furnace that constantly circulated the air.

So, to get rid of the Goldilocks factor – Start with an Energy Audit!

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