One Stop Shop

Our knowledgeable and caring staff supervises the work in your home to the highest BPI standards so that you aren’t forced to worry about scheduling, quality or workmanship. Our experience and industry contacts ensure that you get only top-level sub-contractors and providers.

From the beginning of the Home Energy Audit all the way through the project we do all the office work of coordinating and organizing. We do the most important work with our internal team, and have long-term partner relationships with the plumbers, heating and air conditioning companies and electricians who work on our projects.

We do all the paperwork required by NJ’s Clean Energy Program (the file usually is at least ¾’s of an inch thick). The only paper we don’t fill out for you is the 0% loan application, and we follow-up and work with the lenders to help make the loan process as smooth as possible for you.

The home energy audit provides the foundation and the plan for the project, and we come back to do a “test-out” or mini-audit on completion of the work to be sure that all the work was done and done right.

We will answer all your questions and work to be sure you have all the understanding you need to make good decisions at key points in the process. You are involved in setting the project’s direction, but we do the heavy lifting for you.

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