Your Colonial Style Home

The modern colonial style house projects a comforting solidity, a sense that the home fire will be burning brightly when we come in from the world.  It is a simple, rectangular style of house that utilizes every inch of space beneath the roofline for living space. The stairway is often centered in the house, greeting you as you enter the front door.



This type of home has a full attic space which is often unfinished. The attic floor is the divider between indoor warmth and outdoor cold, so it is where we look first to reduce energy loss.   Since heated air wants to rise, and since there is a large channel for it to flow upward along the central stairs, it is important that the attic floor boundary be intact, with little way for heated air to escape into the attic. 

Unfortunately, generations of homeowners will have “improved” the house, adding electrical service, cable for the TVs and computers and recessed lights that protrude into the attic space. All of these penetrations allow expensively warmed air to escape into the attic and then “heat the heavens”.

Excess air movement can be measured using a “blower door”, which also helps identify exactly where the penetrations are.

In addition, the chimney for the fireplace and furnace rise through the attic floor, requiring for fires safety some space around the brick chimney. This opening, or “chase” extends all the way to the basement, allowing air to rise through the house and escape.

Finally, even if air were not escaping, the amount of insulation that was considered sufficient up until recently is not enough in a world of rapidly rising energy costs. Because fuel costs have gone up so much, it makes economic sense to put about twice as much insulation in most attics.

So, even if your “Colonial” isn’t furnished with period antique furniture, we can help make it more comfortable and reduce your fuel bills at the same time.