Home Performance Contracting

A Smarter, Comprehensive Approach - Just adding insulation or new heating equipment won’t get you all the energy saving results you’re looking for. Maybe stopping the sieve-like air leakage from your home will.

Of course that means that your contractor has to consider and test all the factors that could be wasting energy and set priorities so that you work on the ones that will make the most difference for the least investment first. That’s the job of a Home Performance Contractor.

Home Improvement Contractors typically make a difference in the way your house looks.   A Home Performance contractor makes a difference in how the house works based on the evolving field of Building Science. 

Building Science studies performance of the “whole house” to identify where the house is not performing and how to fix those problems. A Home Performance Contractor understands that your home may have the same symptoms as someone else’s house, but different underlying problems.  Since Home Performance Contractors have available a wide range of possible solutions they can choose which ones to use.

If the problem is a child’s bedroom that is colder than the rest of the house, the Home Performance Contractor will evaluate the house to determine if the problem is too little insulation in the ceiling of the garage below, baseboard radiators that are too short in that room, leaky windows or just furniture that is pushed against the hot air vents.  All focused on making your home perform better.

The result is a home that is more durable, more comfortable, more energy efficient and better for the environment and future generations—exactly how a home should be.

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