New Jersey's Clean Energy Program Offers Generous Incentives

Here's what is offered:

All rebates are based on savings based on a comprehensive Home Energy Audit peformed by a BPI accredited auditing firm like Home Energy Matters. Projections use "Real Home Analyzer" software supplied by New Jersey's Clean Energy Program. 

If your house can save:

You get a cash rebate of:

And 0% financing of:

5% to 19.99%



20% to 24.99%



25% or more



Or 4.99% financing for up to $15,000

Contractors not accredited by BPI or enrolled in the New Jersey Clean Energy cannot offer these incentives.  These incentives are subject to project approval and loan approval by state contractors working for NJ Clean Energy. Rebates are offered on a year to year authorization and may be stopped by NJ Clean Energy with limited advance warning. 

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