E. Young, Bloomfield
I shudder to think what would happen if Home Energy Matters hadn’t found the gas leak in my old furnace. The health and safety check may have saved my life! I had been wondering about the smell in my basement but never thought it was gas. The state rebates make the decision to buy a new furnace a real no-brainer.
S. Martin, Boonton Township
The old phrase about beauty only being skin deep sure fits my house. Last year I paid a whole lot of money for a new kitchen, bathroom and wood floors. It all looked so beautiful. But when Home Energy Matters did my audit they found out that the contractor forgot to put insulation on the kitchen wall that faces outside. No wonder the room felt cold all winter long.
J. Perez, Mountain Lakes
  For years I used the room upstairs as a closet. It was always moist and too cold to sleep in. The Home Energy auditor discovered that there was no insulation between the attic floor and the ceiling. Now I have the bedroom space I originally bought. And I got $1,000 in free air sealing.
K. Dorant, Parsippany
I’m a do-it-yourself guy. Recently I installed a new hot water heater. When the audit team from Home Energy Matters did the safety check they discovered I made several errors that decreased the efficiency of the heater and created a potential safety hazard. That safety discovery paid for the audit before they even looked for energy inefficiencies. You guys really know what you’re doing.
T. Lewis, Kinnelon
We had an addition put on our house to add a bathroom and sun porch. It was so cold we couldn’t use the toilet. Turned out they forgot to put in the insulation. Can you imagine? Because of the audit we can now use both rooms.