Why Audit?

save money

Save money

Audits typically reveal opportunities for homeowners to decrease their monthly energy expenditures by 30% or more! Let's say you spend, on average, $300 per month for gas and electricity. A 30% saving would be $90 per month or more than $1,000 per year. If you live in your house for only five years, that adds up to $5,000 in savings! And generous state rebates make it easy to do!


comfort and safety

Increase comfort and safety

Proper insulation and sealing keep homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Safety checks often uncover conditions that could result in deadly gas leaks and fires. 


promote better health

Promote better health

Attics and basements are often the source of unhealthy air that is circulated through your home through convection currents. This polluted air is especially unhealthy to young children and elderly who stay inside for longer hours, and anyone suffering from asthma or breathing difficulties. 


protect our planet

Protect our planet

While some energy is renewable, like wind and sun, most energy isn't. Energy created by fossil fuels is finite. Once it's gone, it can't be replaced. And while that's not likely to happen in our lifetime, it is likely to happen during the lifetime of our grandchildren. 


become energy independent
Become energy independent

The more energy we have to import, the more dependent we are on importers - whether it's a foreign government or another state. By lessening demand and adding more renewable energy to the mix, we loosen the grip someone else has on our way of life. 


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